Welcome to the AP World History Wikispace page. Attached are the documents we will use throughout the school year. Best of luck! Mr. Lasher

Here is a link to a series of John Green U-Tube videos on World History:

1. The following is a link to our supplemental AP World History text book by Stearns which we will reference from time-to-time. The outlines webpage, which includes for each chapter: 1) an outline; 2) 2 practice quizzes (10 multiple choice questions and True False); 3) flash cards; and 4) web explorations (under Student Resources).


2. Here is an additional link that provides useful resources on AP World History, including grading rubrics for essays:


3. For those of you who are war buffs, the following 2 sites are pretty cool:

An inter-active link that goes through all the American Wars:


Photos from World War II:


4. There is an "Extra Credit Reading Assignment" in the syllabus for each quarter. This is voluntary and is worth 5 bonus points. To receive credit, you must write a 1-2 page analysis of 3 key points you found in your reading of Tamim Ansary's, Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World through Islamic Eyes, as well as give a 2-3 minute verbal presentation in front of class. The due dates are as follows:

1st Qtr - Oct 22: Pages 1-115
2nd Qtr - Jan 10: Pages 117-216
3rd Qtr - Mar 8: Pages 217-316
4th Qtr - Apr 29: Pages 317-357